Jfagan the hero’s journey



George Orwell based a lot of his book 1984 on events he saw taking place during World War 2. He felt like commonly known history might not be the true version of events. He felt as though countries with heightened senses of Nationalism lied about what the history was to make themselves seem like those nations were “the hero”. And that generally wasn’t the case. He writes in his letters about how he realizes that while some nations (England and the USA in particular) don’t accept totalitarian governments yet, they may accept some parts of such a government (like secret police, and falsification of history) as long as it is “in their favor”

Jf challenge 1

Challenge 1 Reflection

I chose the “Kids Life” challenge. I decided to choose this challenge because I have a large family with various children I could interview. I also thought it would be interesting to show the thoughts of younger children about sch a broad topic as “what do you think is the biggest problem in the world”.

One problem identified was that with enough money someone could potentially manipulate our court system to rig an otherwise fair trial, a solution to that would be to further enforce fairness in the court and our system in general. Another problem identified was gender inequality, a solution to gender inequality could be to start teaching fairness more at a younger age.

I liked the fact that I got to ask young people their thoughts without anyone telling them what to think, whereas on many issues (I.e politics) children can in some ways be told what to think by parents, uncles/aunts, or other “authority figures” in there lives, so this was really unique and true to what they thought.