David Gusterson jessi 

Snow Falling on Cedars explores the notions of love and loss as they relate to racism, responsibility, and injustice. Every character in the novel is both directly and indirectly affected by what happens during World War II. For the most part, characters neither take nor accept responsibility for their thoughts and actions, and thus the war becomes the blame.


George Orwell writing, Henry Chase 

The Book 1984 was published in June of 1949 by the British author George Orwell. However it was being written during the Second World War. This war had a tremendous effect on why the book was written, it was meant as a warning against future totalitarianism. It was an attempt at warning the public against this political view and how it could destroy the world. Despite his attempt many of what has been written in the book 1984 has become more than less true. 


George Orwell based a lot of his book 1984 on events he saw taking place during World War 2. He felt like commonly known history might not be the true version of events. He felt as though countries with heightened senses of Nationalism lied about what the history was to make themselves seem like those nations were “the hero”. And that generally wasn’t the case. He writes in his letters about how he realizes that while some nations (England and the USA in particular) don’t accept totalitarian governments yet, they may accept some parts of such a government (like secret police, and falsification of history) as long as it is “in their favor”

Snow Falling on Cedars write up, Grace Bickford

The theme of this book is about love/loss and the relationship of race. This is during World War II. Each character in the book will be either directly or indirectly affected by the war. The characters don’t take responsibility for there actions during the war, which makes the war a scapegoat. 
David Guterson: is a sixty year old American writer, who graduated from The University of Washington. His most famous piece of work is, “Snow Falling on Cedars.” He also received, The Faulkner Award for Fiction.