Project review


Jacob W
James, Henry, and I answered the questions asked by using the different phases within Vladeks life as a picture. Vladek and Artie in the present are in the middle. Younger Artie stands next to a woman in a red dress to the right; Which is the time where his mother committed suicide. To the far left are two pale figures. These two show Vladeks loss of Richeau during the Holocaust and Anja because of the suicide. These two people form Vladek into the person he is now because of the loss of the two people from his life. It was Anja and her loss that brought Artie and his father apart up until they started talking about the Holocaust for the story. While she had a smaller part in the book than Vladek and Artie she was majorly influential to both of them. She caused them to separate because of the suicide but at the same time caused them to regroup because of Arties’ curiosity about the Holocaust.


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