Henry Chase Challenge 1

1. The challenge I chose was nature in the city. The reason I chose this challenge was to show how beautiful nature Isaac the encroaching danger that is man. As shown in the first section of pictures is nature in a natural state serene and wonderous as ever. The second section of pictures show what man is doing to it, discarding trash, wood scraps, even heaps of metal into the woods. This injustice must be prevented in order to preserve what the earths natural beauty has left to offer.

2. The images I chose to show depict the differences between vast untamed nature and urban terrain. The diversity does not lay within the wildlife but instead showing the two versions of nature. One that is clean and beautiful and another that is tainted by mans hand. In order to protect this nature we must work together in an effort to preserve what is yet to be influenced by man. We must also clean what we have already damaged for future generations to enjoy. There is only one earth lets work together to keep it beautiful.

3. I enjoyed taking part in this challenge for the oppurtunity to voice my opinion on preservation. The only aspect I would have changed about how I went about completing this challenge is I would have taken more time in an effort to go more in depth with my argument. I hope that others select the same initiative and expand upon what I have said or voice their own opinions on the topic. I believe that being able to understand what we have done to the planet and all its living organisms is a must for all people. The large take away I had on his challenge was being able to first hand view the differences between vast open nature and cluttered damaged nature.


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