Challenge # 1 Grace Bickford

I chose challenge number 6, Kids life. I chose this one because I love to hear what the younger kids have to say. They always have ideas that’s I would never think of.
Problem: Isis    Solution: Becoming more aware of what these people do. Background checks on everyone that comes into the U.S. Making sure that everyone is aware if threatened.

Problem: pollution    Solution: Instead of gas powered vehicles/machines, maybe more electric things. Also having a better way to dispose of waste products and really cracking down on people who litter or don’t dispose of waste correctly.

Problem: internet/electronics    Solution: Be less dependent on using electronics all the time. Interact with people face to face rather than sitting on your electronic devices all day. Communicate verbally rather than text, Facebook or any other social media. Call the person. Or talk to them face to face.

Problem: refugees and immigration    Solution: better security at airports and borders around the countries. Background checks on everyone before they can come.

Problem: not trusting in God    Solution: I don’t know if there is a really good solution to this. Everyone has there own views on God.

Problem: rape and injusice    Solution: If there was a better way for people to tell about what happened to them. A place where people could feel safe to go to.
I did like this challenge because it was interesting to see what the younger students thought. The things they saw were completely different from what I thought. If I would do it again, I would video these students instead, just would need more time. If they like to see different point of views yes, I would recommmend it to others. I found with this project there is not just one major world issue, but many.


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