Challenge 1 reflection 

I completed my challenge on littering, I completed it on a new app we have discovered as a class called spark video. I found using spark video user friendly and fun to work and create with. I choose littering as my topic to discuss because it has become a very big global issue around the world, not just in our state. I hope making this video could help people get a better understanding on why littering is so bad and why we should work as a community to help stop.
Community issues
How does his issue cause a problem in our community? It can effect the appearance and health of our community, it’s not safe nor attractive to have trash and cigarette buts all over our town. Could effect animals also.
How would you solve the problem?
I would try to get as many people to agree littering is not good for our community or animals or kids. Try to want everyone to keep a nice clean looking town. I would get together as many community service groups together to pick up trash. I would also try to have police of Dover enforce the littering law a lot more harshly.
I really liked about his challenge we got to pick our own topics and got to express our feelings. I also liked putting together our spark video, and if I could change anything different for next time it would be to maybe add more video or pictures or maybe even a voice over. I would definitely recommend this challenge to others, it’s a good way to learn and take away things from your studies, it’s a good way to learn. The big thing I got to take away from this challenge was working with the iPad and putting everything together, I also like the research part.


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