Padlet Assignment 


1. “Transformation of Non-Renewable to Renewable Energy”: Eliminate as much CO2 emission energy producers and replace them with clean energy generators like solar, wind, water, nuclear (sometimes), and hopefully fusion/fission energy sooner of later.

2. “Research for diseases”: Research different ways to treat major diseases and what plants and resources can do to kill cancer cells and other diseases

3. “Welfare”: Stop people who don’t work from taking advantage of those who do. Make welfare harder to obtain instead of being just a government handout.


1. “Develop FTL technology”: The planet is essentially on a time limit now, if we don’t discover faster-than-light technology, our race could be in danger of dying out.


“Pharmaceutical control”: Control over the pharmaceutical industry  both prices of necisary drugs and control over what is used in certain medications. In order to do more good for the person as a whole instead of simply aiding the one part the body that is damaged while damaging other areas.  


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