1. I completed the Nature in the City Challenge. I have always been fascinated with nature and especially animals. I have always wanted to help find a way to keep animals homes safe, especially from humans. It seems that so many people don’t realize the we rely on not only the habitats of the animals but the animals themselves. It just seems wrong to kick them out of their homes so we can build a tower that will cause more damage to nature. We need to find a balance to help animals and society function together.
  2.  A.      My images don’t reall show diversity, other than the fact that those turtles, even though they look identical, are different turtles. They came from the same hole, from the same mother in the same area. What is most diverse is not what the turtles are now or where they came from, but where the will go, the different challenges they will face, and the trials of avoiding their enviornment being wrecked.                                                                                                                              B.      We could try to separate them more, in their own habitat maybe by relocation to a more rural area to prevent their diversity from fading. To maybe help change their chances or their lives getting ruined by humans.
  3. The thing I enjoyed most about this challenge was looking into how much we hurt animals enviornment a and trying to come up with ways to solve them, that just gave a me a good feeling on the inside. If I were try this over I would try to get more picture and focus on that more than the factions that I ended up focusing on. I would love it for others to take and enjoy this challene like I have. Always remember that the work is a lot bigger than you are.

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