Three ideas that resonate, one that does not

1. Save the silverbacks, and all wildlife

2.I believe that getting the whole world population no matter the age to a form of education is key for our current society. Having knowledge will open up many different opportunities for improvement and possibly slowly get rid of poverty all around the world.

3. Stop violence against gay lives and hate crimes towards the gay community, black community, etc.

Disagree: Stop everyone from being to sensitive. In the United States men back in the 1940s would go off to war and fight. Now we have colleges that give people safe spots when the get offended. People need to grow up. Everyone has there own opinion!

my post: As much effort as possible should be put towards making more wildlife sanctuaries instead of zoos, where in zoos humans take care of animals they are more likely to be mistreated, while in wildlife sanctuaries the animals live in their natural habitats, which is under protection


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