Padlet Assignmet 

The one issue I though was not a good plan was:

“Political Fairness- Make it so that we the people have 100% knowledge of what happens through our government and be taught what each political decision will do to affect their lives”

One that I agreed with and thighs were doable were:

“Tolerance- I’d like to teach the world to be more tolerant of people unlike themselves”

“Garden- Make a garden and donate the food to places and people who can’t pay for it”

“Helping the Homeless- With improved and more accessible rehabilitation programs and programs to help the homeless return to a normal life”

A problem that I think we should fix is:

“Racial Profiling- As a society we need to stop letting races, religions, and moral standings get in the way of how we see each other as people. Kindness is free, and if we could all learn to acknowlage and accept others, we could work together to fight the bigger problems that our world is facing”


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