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Henry Chase Challenge 1

1. The challenge I chose was nature in the city. The reason I chose this challenge was to show how beautiful nature Isaac the encroaching danger that is man. As shown in the first section of pictures is nature in a natural state serene and wonderous as ever. The second section of pictures show what man is doing to it, discarding trash, wood scraps, even heaps of metal into the woods. This injustice must be prevented in order to preserve what the earths natural beauty has left to offer.

2. The images I chose to show depict the differences between vast untamed nature and urban terrain. The diversity does not lay within the wildlife but instead showing the two versions of nature. One that is clean and beautiful and another that is tainted by mans hand. In order to protect this nature we must work together in an effort to preserve what is yet to be influenced by man. We must also clean what we have already damaged for future generations to enjoy. There is only one earth lets work together to keep it beautiful.

3. I enjoyed taking part in this challenge for the oppurtunity to voice my opinion on preservation. The only aspect I would have changed about how I went about completing this challenge is I would have taken more time in an effort to go more in depth with my argument. I hope that others select the same initiative and expand upon what I have said or voice their own opinions on the topic. I believe that being able to understand what we have done to the planet and all its living organisms is a must for all people. The large take away I had on his challenge was being able to first hand view the differences between vast open nature and cluttered damaged nature.

Jf challenge 1

Challenge 1 Reflection

I chose the “Kids Life” challenge. I decided to choose this challenge because I have a large family with various children I could interview. I also thought it would be interesting to show the thoughts of younger children about sch a broad topic as “what do you think is the biggest problem in the world”.

One problem identified was that with enough money someone could potentially manipulate our court system to rig an otherwise fair trial, a solution to that would be to further enforce fairness in the court and our system in general. Another problem identified was gender inequality, a solution to gender inequality could be to start teaching fairness more at a younger age.

I liked the fact that I got to ask young people their thoughts without anyone telling them what to think, whereas on many issues (I.e politics) children can in some ways be told what to think by parents, uncles/aunts, or other “authority figures” in there lives, so this was really unique and true to what they thought.

Challenge # 1 Grace Bickford

I chose challenge number 6, Kids life. I chose this one because I love to hear what the younger kids have to say. They always have ideas that’s I would never think of.
Problem: Isis    Solution: Becoming more aware of what these people do. Background checks on everyone that comes into the U.S. Making sure that everyone is aware if threatened.

Problem: pollution    Solution: Instead of gas powered vehicles/machines, maybe more electric things. Also having a better way to dispose of waste products and really cracking down on people who litter or don’t dispose of waste correctly.

Problem: internet/electronics    Solution: Be less dependent on using electronics all the time. Interact with people face to face rather than sitting on your electronic devices all day. Communicate verbally rather than text, Facebook or any other social media. Call the person. Or talk to them face to face.

Problem: refugees and immigration    Solution: better security at airports and borders around the countries. Background checks on everyone before they can come.

Problem: not trusting in God    Solution: I don’t know if there is a really good solution to this. Everyone has there own views on God.

Problem: rape and injusice    Solution: If there was a better way for people to tell about what happened to them. A place where people could feel safe to go to.
I did like this challenge because it was interesting to see what the younger students thought. The things they saw were completely different from what I thought. If I would do it again, I would video these students instead, just would need more time. If they like to see different point of views yes, I would recommmend it to others. I found with this project there is not just one major world issue, but many.

Challenge 1 reflection 

I completed my challenge on littering, I completed it on a new app we have discovered as a class called spark video. I found using spark video user friendly and fun to work and create with. I choose littering as my topic to discuss because it has become a very big global issue around the world, not just in our state. I hope making this video could help people get a better understanding on why littering is so bad and why we should work as a community to help stop.
Community issues
How does his issue cause a problem in our community? It can effect the appearance and health of our community, it’s not safe nor attractive to have trash and cigarette buts all over our town. Could effect animals also.
How would you solve the problem?
I would try to get as many people to agree littering is not good for our community or animals or kids. Try to want everyone to keep a nice clean looking town. I would get together as many community service groups together to pick up trash. I would also try to have police of Dover enforce the littering law a lot more harshly.
I really liked about his challenge we got to pick our own topics and got to express our feelings. I also liked putting together our spark video, and if I could change anything different for next time it would be to maybe add more video or pictures or maybe even a voice over. I would definitely recommend this challenge to others, it’s a good way to learn and take away things from your studies, it’s a good way to learn. The big thing I got to take away from this challenge was working with the iPad and putting everything together, I also like the research part.

  1. I completed the Nature in the City Challenge. I have always been fascinated with nature and especially animals. I have always wanted to help find a way to keep animals homes safe, especially from humans. It seems that so many people don’t realize the we rely on not only the habitats of the animals but the animals themselves. It just seems wrong to kick them out of their homes so we can build a tower that will cause more damage to nature. We need to find a balance to help animals and society function together.
  2.  A.      My images don’t reall show diversity, other than the fact that those turtles, even though they look identical, are different turtles. They came from the same hole, from the same mother in the same area. What is most diverse is not what the turtles are now or where they came from, but where the will go, the different challenges they will face, and the trials of avoiding their enviornment being wrecked.                                                                                                                              B.      We could try to separate them more, in their own habitat maybe by relocation to a more rural area to prevent their diversity from fading. To maybe help change their chances or their lives getting ruined by humans.
  3. The thing I enjoyed most about this challenge was looking into how much we hurt animals enviornment a and trying to come up with ways to solve them, that just gave a me a good feeling on the inside. If I were try this over I would try to get more picture and focus on that more than the factions that I ended up focusing on. I would love it for others to take and enjoy this challene like I have. Always remember that the work is a lot bigger than you are.

Padlet Assignment 


1. “Transformation of Non-Renewable to Renewable Energy”: Eliminate as much CO2 emission energy producers and replace them with clean energy generators like solar, wind, water, nuclear (sometimes), and hopefully fusion/fission energy sooner of later.

2. “Research for diseases”: Research different ways to treat major diseases and what plants and resources can do to kill cancer cells and other diseases

3. “Welfare”: Stop people who don’t work from taking advantage of those who do. Make welfare harder to obtain instead of being just a government handout.


1. “Develop FTL technology”: The planet is essentially on a time limit now, if we don’t discover faster-than-light technology, our race could be in danger of dying out.


“Pharmaceutical control”: Control over the pharmaceutical industry  both prices of necisary drugs and control over what is used in certain medications. In order to do more good for the person as a whole instead of simply aiding the one part the body that is damaged while damaging other areas.  

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Thomas college, psychology
College of education and human development
Waterville, approx. 1,000 students

Colby college, psychology
College of education and human development
Waterville, approx. 1815 students

Umaine, psychology
College of education and human development
Orono, 11,286 students

Umf, psychology
College of education and human development
Farmington, 2430 students

Curry college, psychology
College of education and human development
Milton, 2900 students

Umpi, psychology
College of education and human development
Presque isle, 1431 students
Common app question: write about one event or trait that you wouldn’t be yourself without.